Common Errors Clients Make When Engaging in an IT Outsourcing Arrangement

Common Mistakes Outsourcing Clients CommitIt has been made known to everybody in the business sector the benefits of outsourcing one’s IT needs to an IT-BPO company. That is why, majority of the establishments nowadays, regardless if they are small or big scale, always opt for IT outsourcing for their IT jobs. However, there are times when clients commit errors working with an IT outsourcing company; and these mistakes should be corrected in order to generate desirable outcome. Below are the 3 most common mistakes that clients of an IT outsourcing service provider usually commit and the steps one can take to correct it:


Error #1

Clients have the tendency to be detached from the execution of the IT project process because they believe that the service provider should be completely and solely responsible for the progress and success of the outsourced project. However, this thinking is a very big and detrimental error one is committing. This thought would further endanger the results and the completion of the said project–may it be software development, animation, or web-design.

Solution #1

Maintaining good communication is the best way to solve this issue. They must make an effort to monitor and know every little thing there is to know about the progress of the project. Even though, the IT Company you are outsourcing your business with is known to be excellent in this field, they would still need your input and guidance towards the direction of the project. After all, no one knows it better than you–not even them.

Error #2

Most clients believe that the best choice to do their project is the service provider who offers the lowest service charge. This thinking has resulted to a lot of regretful failed projects.

Solution #2

In these trying times, it would be called impractical and very ideal if you will not consider the price when choosing an IT outsourcing company. However, you should keep in mind that this is not the be-all and end-all of choosing an IT company; nor is it the most important criteria of all. Price is simply just one of the factors that you have to take a look at when deciding but this should not be your sole distinguishing criteria. If you really value your money and if you really want to be practical, it would be best for you to consider the quality, reputation, and capacity of the service provider rather than its price. This is because, a failed project caused by incompetent but cheap service providers, in reality, is going to cost you more than paying the not-so-cheap price of a reputable service provider who can guarantee the project’s successful completion.

Error #3

Clients, sometimes, think that they only need someone with excellent technical skills to get the job done. They tend to overlook other things–which a typical techy guy could not do–that are necessary in ensuring the success of the project.

Solution #3

Instead of choosing a typical “fix it guy” to do the work for you, you should seriously consider leaving your business and/or project at the hands of a professional IT outsourcing company. More than technical skills, to successfully complete a project, the provider should have outstanding project management skills as well which can only be developed through time and gaining experiences. There are a lot of IT freelancers out there who have quite impressive technical skills but because they are still pretty new to the field, they still lack management skills. This inability may lead to the unfortunate demise of your project if you risk on giving it to someone who is just “technically good”.

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