Communication, the Major Determinant of Outsourcing Success

Communication, the Major Determinant of Outsourcing SuccessCommunication plays a major role in the offshore outsourcing business. Most of the time, this aspect causes the whole process to crash leading a business down the drain. A lot of people may be puzzled how “communication” can lead a business towards success, maybe because the whole idea of the term is broad and can be puny. A huge lapse in this aspect may cause turmoil to your business, a simple message when misinterpreted may change the whole picture of your outcome.

Polishing the communication channels between you and your offshore outsourcing team will create a smooth and consistent flow of information. If you zoom in a bit to each bugged down situation, all the causes will be pinned down to communication. Thus, knowing how and what to improve in essential not just in the outsourcing industry but also in whatever business you are in.


Improving Communication, What to do?

Communication itself is not the mean problem, but giving your team a boost of it won’t hurt. Understanding the role of cultural difference in the entire process will surely be a help for your team. Then again, the main deal does not revolve around that, rather, the channels in which communication pass. To put it simpler, the process is the verdict.


Here are three component that would create the best recipe to boost the performance of your offshore outsourcing team.


Consistent, synchronized and tightly scheduled daily conference or forum

A 15 minute daily meeting after the operation is a good way to end a long day of hard work. By allowing your team members to sit down and talk to you everyday via online conference tool, communication itself is already solve.

You’ll be able to discuss about everything that transpired all throughout the day, giving everyone the chance to complete the puzzle and align whatever values that you would want to inculcate in them in certain situation during the entire operation. For some, new means and solutions will be formulated making it unnecessary to have further training for the issue will be resolved right away.


Reliable Project Management Tool

An online management tool holds great importance, especially in the offshore outsourcing business. For web and software development projects, it is essential that a distinct sections for bugs, questions and other issues is available easily and is visibly. Establishing a protocol using a project management tool is crucial. This should start by setting a clear set of instructions, showing a step by step walk through of the the entire software. Conflict is surely present when three or more people uses the system differently. That alone will spark a problem with communication, it might convey the wrong message and can be distorting to some.


A solid framework of the process to meet the requirements

This proves to be the biggest obstacle in software or web projects – setting up a clear and straight forward requirement. This can be inconsistent because most of the time, the puzzle to put together the concrete process are discovered a long the road. Another problem in this department is that there is no specific standard to set the rules for this, for better improvement of the requirement are only met.


Establishing the requirements with the team, and regular updates will help the group work on one big goal, though aiming at different objectives.

In offshore outsourcing, smooth channels of communication plays a vital role is keeping the team in tact. That is why as a client of an offshore outsourcing company, it is a must that you keep these channels smooth flowing for you to give direct the team to the track that they ought to take you.

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