10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Outsourcing

1. What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is one way of making an arrangement with an outside company. It is also a new way that refers to it as a business solution. Some business owners give some of their work load to someone who is working in an Outsourcing company, and they are called Virtual Assistant, just to lessen and make their work faster. It’s an easiest way of handling your business without any hassle in your part but you still manage to have a control in your business.

2. Why should you outsource work?

In business you need to take a risk in everything. Whether you think that it will turn out good or not. Sometimes you waste so much of your time just to handle paper works, customer service and so on and so forth. This is most of the time business owners do when managing their own business. Sometimes it becomes challenging when you need to do these things for an hour or two, this is where Outsourcing takes place. Outsourcing your business helps you spend your time wisely and efficiently. It helps you to do something more creative that will make your business grow.

3. Who is doing the Outsourcing work?

In the first place, that all depends of who you are hiring. You have two choices. If you hire an individual who is a freelancer, he or she has less experience than if you hire a master’s degree. If you hire a company, the employees of the said company are expected to be or at least a degree holder and already have an experience in any field of work you wish them to do, this is expected when a company that you hire has been working for a few years already. But to sum it up, it all depends on who you are hiring.

4. How does Outsourcing work?

Outsourcing works like any other business in the country. Outsourcing also has a contract signing, invoices, due dates and other important stuffs that is needed when you outsource. If you are about to outsource your business and you already find an outsourcing company, discuss what you think you need when you start outsourcing your business, arrange your agreements and that’s it! Work begins.

5. What are the advantages of Outsourcing?

Outsourcing has a lot of advantages. You can make more works; you can provide and think of additional solutions, you can also gain and learn new marketing strategies. It has something to do with saving also. You can actually save your time and create a quality time with someone. You can also save your money, not just when it comes to your salaries but also in your miscellaneous expenditures.

6. Is Outsourcing really cheaper than hiring people in your office?

Exactly! This is much cheaper than hiring people in an office. Outsourcing work will spend about half the amount of one salary or lesser than that. Than hiring someone really requires a minimum salary, bonuses, benefits, taxes, you also need to deal with tardiness and absences and some other things that an employee needs.

7. How do I choose an Outsourcing partner?

The first thing you need to do and you need to consider is what work you need to outsource. Think about this, are you looking for an individual who is good in doing the task or a team that will help you and make your work easier? You also need to look for a reliable company where they can provide what you need in a work. Look for a company that is operating for a few years already and has a good feedback and good references. Don’t look for how much it cost, look for how it works for you and brings you satisfaction in your work and business.

8. How can I trust the person/company I’m Outsourcing to?

You cannot easily give your trust to someone or by simply looking at their work. You have to talk with the person involve when you outsource. Communication is important if you want to gain trust. Try to have communications with the company or to the person in charge, ask questions as many as you can, as long as it clears your mind and gives you the right answer you need. Try to exchange mails also so that everything will be perfect for you. This way, your project will be clear and everyone understands each other, by this, you will know what to expect in the company.

9. Can I outsource my work? What kind of work can I outsource?

Any work in the office can be outsourced! Because, every new thing and new feature the internet provide, can be connected through the internet and that makes outsourcing easy. Here are some of works outsourced:

  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • Word Processing
  • Event / Trip Planning
  • Social Networking
  • General Administrative Duties
  • Wed Design and Maintenance
  • Link Building

10. What are the policies regarding Intellectual rights and Confidentiality when Outsourcing?

It is important that we take good care of our clients trust and confidentiality. That’s why we always have contracts and Non-Disclosure Agreements. This is for everybody’s safety and serenity.

10 “Should Ask Questions” About Outsourcing

1. How much does Outsourcing cost?

Outsourcing has no definite price. It depends on the company and the work load itself. On the other hand, it also depends on how many hours you are working on the project and how many people are involved on that project. Most importantly, how long the project is going to end or last. That’s how much outsourcing cost.

2. Is the staff proficient, professional and experienced?

Yes! We have a proficient, professional and experienced staff! We are training our employees with the new techniques in social media and in internet marketing world. We make sure that they ‘re all updated with the latest happening in the internet world and we always see to it that our staff is always ready for the next challenge that they will encounter.

3. How do I communicate with my Outsourcing partner?

Skype and Gmail are the easiest way to communicate with your Outsourcing partner. Skype helps you reach people in different part of the world. Skype is use for making transaction and communication faster, it’s a free site that allows you to make calls as long as you want. Gmail also has a video call, chat and google doc, which allows you to send emails anytime you want. The entire thing mentioned above makes communication easy and faster.

4. What should I outsource?

Any work or task that you think you don’t need to be doing, you better outsource. I know you want it all done by yourself. But you can actually give your small loads to others to make it done for you. There are already a lot of small tasks people who are asking for some assistance, they just realized the impact it makes on their daily lives. For instance, when you are checking your mails, you know how busy Monday is, even in the internet marketing world, people checked their mails and got a bunch of letters from different people and some are just a spam message. You have to segregate them all just to make your email organized and synchronized. Now, Imagine not having to go to this task that hour any day of the week, you save half of your time doing something that doesn’t do you any good to your business, you can actually use your extra time to manage and market your business, or you can also take time with yourself or to your family for once rather than not doing it because you have all your time at work.

5. Why shouldn’t I outsource?

There is actually no reason not to outsource your business. There is just a little safety measure you need to consider. In the internet world, you cannot easily give your trust to anyone; you should always be cautious. If you are outsourcing your business in different countries, don’t expect that people on that country will speak like the way you do, there is always a difference between you and your outsourcing partner. If you are outsourcing just to get a cheap worker that charges you 50 cents per hour or lesser, don’t expect that you will get a good result.

6. How can Outsourcing help me and my company?

Outsourcing can help you manage your time. You can actually save your time and use it on other important things that you want to do. It helps you how to organize your work and business. The company you outsource to helps you to make your business run smoothly and more productive. It can also update your company online using all the new and latest strategies available in the internet marketing world.

7. Will social media marketing work for me? How?

Social media works for different types of business. People search for venues, tips, travel locations, hotels, how’s and why’s and pictures online. Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linked in and many other helps you to make your business popular and it doubles business opportunities. By using social media, you’ll realize that your business is doing great!

8. What contracts do Outsourcing partners provide?

It all depends on the company and the needs of the client. It will be discussed before the project starts. The client and the company make sure and make everything clear before anything else.

9.What is the time frame for my project?

It all depends on how the project works. Just like the prices, it depends on how many people you are going to get and hire just to make your project done. It also depends on how many hours will take just to finish one project. So, it all depends.

10. What programs do you use?

There are actually a lot of programs we are using. But the most common programs that we used are Google docs, Photoshop, Skype and Animoto. We can still provide other programs for different Projects.

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