New Services Offered by Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing ServicesOffshore outsourcing has come a long way and it is evident based on its continuously expanding list of services. One of the main reasons why outsourcing is here to stay is because of the industry’s capability to provide a wide range of services for businesses all over the world. As long as someone needs something and that someone can provide it, the business is running.

Now that it’s 2012, business process outsourcing companies are seeking for new ways on how to cater their clients more effectively. Over the past couple of years outsourcing has surged immensely on its respective offshore destinations, increasing up to 20-40% on the annual income.

As of today, the offshore outsourcing industry is gearing towards more technological advances primarily tasks that involve around the internet. The World Wide Web is truly a place with unlimited possibilities. With the simultaneous modernisations of technology and IT, offshore outsourcing discovers new ways on how to help their clients market their brands from time to time. Here’s a list of the things to look forward to in outsourcing according to International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.


Onshore Outsourcing Promotion

The shaky economy for some first world countries is going to lure in more opportunities for onshore outsourcing. Rural sourcing as well as domestic sourcing are going to be on the growth.

BRIC Upsurge

BRIC are the countries Brazil, Russia, India as well as China. They are considered as the outsourcing hotspots in the year 2012. Hosting both the 2012 World Cup as well as the Olympics will produce huge visibility to Brazil, which can make it a powerful Latin America nation in the coming year.

More Collaborative and Strategic Approaches

Models where customers and service vendors work jointly to widen performance-based association is going to be increasingly employed by firms. Customers will shift outsourcing from the back-office and into additional customer-facing techniques and much more strategic possibilities.

Technology Convergence

The rise of the social networking media and its mobility will generate a major interest in value-added outsourcing solutions. Businesses will augment their importance on social media to source expertise worldwide, place their services and products, and gather intellect around their end customers that goes considerably further than search engine optimization.

Cloud Technology

As cloud computing services continue to propagate globally, consumers as well as suppliers prefer to continue to wrestle to go with amplified government policy, the real challenges of cyber-security and risks of eco-terrorrism.

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