Pros and Cons of Offshore Outsourcing: Frequently Ask Questions

Outsourcing FAQ'sWhen you’re a local business owner who seeks greater opportunities in the online industry, it’s best to weigh your ideas first before making a big decision. It’s a fact that the internet is a place that can give any kind of businessman the possibility of having huge success- but the steps aren’t easy. Setting up an online business involves technical aspects and internet marketing expertise. For most local business owners, this is the part they miss out- making it very difficult for them to have a fully functional site. Thus, leading them to failure.

One of the most commonly used strategies when marketing online is outsourcing. Though it has a lot of recommendations from various internet businessmen, it still has its pros and cons.


Is offshore outsourcing widely used and trusted?

Offshore outsourcing would seem a little uncommon for some businessmen who haven’t heard of it yet. The main reason why it’s done offshore is to maximise output with only a minimum input involve. In other words, the owner of a business website would have a great productivity without working and spending too much on all the details of the entire work.

Is offshore outsourcing just cheap labour?

Offshore outsourcing is usually mistaken for just cheap labour. For most businessmen, cheap labour would seem a little shady but it’s not like it is when it comes to outsourcing to other countries. There are outsourcing providers that are located in countries such as India, the Philippines and Russia. Compared to the other countries where most internet marketers are located, they have a low cost of living. Meaning, there services would seem less expensive but it’s the right amount of wage they receive for the kind of service they give.

What are the services that offshore outsourcing offers?

Offshore outsourcing usually concentrates on the marketing aspect of an online business. Since most internet entrepreneurs aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of the internet, offshore outsourcing provides a faster way to help them set up a fully functional site quickly. These tasks include web development, applications and software integration, graphics design, search engine optimisation etc. Aside from these, there are tasks that involve daily maintenance and updates which entrepreneurs cannot afford to do simultaneously because of limited time. Examples are help desk activities, transcriptions, content writing and creation.


Offshore outsourcing companies vary based from the services they offer and the expertise they have. Once a company finds the right service provider, it would be an easier journey in the internet marketing industry.

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