Top 3 Graphic Design Myths You Should Know

Graphic Design 4If you are a graphic designer, you know how important it is to come up with a good graphic design for you to stay competitive in the field. There are a lot of aspiring designers out in the market today – both freelance and working in an office. You have to give your best shot to stay on the top. Graphic designers are the one responsible for making attractive banners, posters and magazine ads. There are a lot of designers today that actually focuses on the practicality of the design. Meaning, they put emphasis on what factors that makes the designs work and doesn’t actually care about why it works. This attitude isn’t wrong at all for it makes the designers meet their deadlines on time and deliver quality and good results.

On second thought, if you make an effort to discover the reasons why a specific design and style works efficiently for you and your client, there is a great possibility of continues learning in the field of graphic design. Moreover, it can open up a whole new ideas and fresh designs that make your style more attractive to clients or even more different and unique from the rest. For graphic designers, the possibilities are endless – as endless as their imaginations which are a big help for them. Designers continue to stay in the competition because they have something unique to offer for their clients.

However, there are some graphic designers that actually find it hard to do their job well because of other factors and myths about their abilities. Below are some common myths that most designers encounter at one point of their career life.


Myth 1. Money is more important.

If you are serious about making money, make sure you put workfirst before anything else. Most designers come up with a bad design because they think about the money first. As a designer, your priority must be your work and your design to avoid poor results.


Myth 2. There is no such thing as bad ideas.

As a designer, you absolutely know about this. Every idea that comes into your mind isn’t a bad one – they are just presented badly. You should put an effort to present your idea in a good way as presenting it is as important as the whole idea itself.


Myth 3. Great jobs are taken.

This is so untrue because really, good jobs aren’t found, they are made. The quality of our design always depends on the response of our client so make sure you always put your best foot forward when doing a project.


Graphic design is not a task for everyone – only few people are blessed with the talent to make designs. Make sure you don’t waste yours just because of the myths mentioned above.

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